With all the suggestions ya'll gave below, I now have no excuse for not blogging! Thanks for that!

Someone mentioned that I should post some old wedding shots from my "early years". The Boutwells and I get together every now and then and over a few too many drinks, pull out the worst of the photos we've ever shot--mostly stuff from so long ago that blogs didn't exist and neither did fashionable photography!

Unfortunately, most of my early years were spent second shooting for a bigger studio and I didn't save those images (most of it was film anyway). BUT I do have all the CD's (yes, we were burning CD's back then) from the first year I shot weddings by myself, which was 2003-2004.

Below are a few of my faves from my first year of shooting on my own. Surprisingly, they're not quite as bad as I thought, but man, what I would give to be able to shoot these brides now! This was also before I knew how to use photoshop, so the pics are straight out of camera (they are sharpened because of the blog resizing action). These are all from 2003, the first year I shot completely digital:

1. Lindsay--the first wedding I ever second shot for my good friend James Walters


2. Allison--they have really beautiful churches in North Carolina:


3. Katie--one of my favorite brides ever, i was into lighting my outside pics back then


4. Jenny & Josh--another favorite couple of mine, it's actually possible that Jenny might still check this blog! My first backlighting attempt


That was a fun trip down memory lane!