Ah, if only that were true! No, this year, I must say, my wish list is quite long as for the most part, I've stopped buying stuff to try to save for buying a house sometime next year. Here's what's on my wish list (mom, a more detailed list is on the way):

1. Heated Slippers--what a fabulous idea! I know that living here in Southern California my feet shouldn't be cold, but they are. And these slippers are the perfect remedy.


2. Alberto Fermani Boots-- I desperately want these boots, preferably in black, size 8 or 8.5. I LOVE the brown pair, but I already have great brown boots so I have no excuse for getting these. I also know that I will never get them because 1. they are way overpriced and nobody I know will get me a gift this expensive and 2. I don't think they are available in my size. Sigh. Oh well.


Cute Pajama Pants--like these ones from my favorite store, Anthropologie. Actually, I would like anything from Anthropologie. It is my Mecca.

45mm Tilt Shift Lens--I have decided that I want to have this lens. It looks awesome and I love the idea of adding something new to my arsenal!


iTunes or Apple Gift Card--Most of you know that I do a lot of traveling. Well one of the things that keeps me occupied on long flights is looking forward to watching episodes of my favorite shows or downloading a whole season of a show I want to start watching. I download everything from itunes, so I love gift certificates!


So that's my top five! Start thinking about your holiday desires, because there's a new contest coming tomorrow night...