Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well, I must say that this year I have a lot to be thankful for, and so do all of you! I hope to be able to post the winner of the contest tomorrow, but there are literally HUNDREDS of entries to go through, so it could possibly be Saturday. I'm going to try for tomorrow though.

Anyway, I have had a great and very eventful week. Earlier this week I was in NYC for a visit with my dad and a trip to my cousin Rachael's wedding in Westport, Connecticut. I didn't shoot much at the wedding (it's kinda hard when you haven't see the bride in 15 years), but I did grab this shot of my dad, who I am very thankful for:


So now I am home in NC and it is so beautiful here this week. Last year when I came home, the first thing I saw when I landed was a cold, driving rain, but there is none of that this year. The weather is no-jacket beautiful and the leaves changing are just spectacular. I snagged a few shots on the way to dinner today:



You should see this tree in person--the photos don't do it justice:



One of the best parts about coming back here this week is getting to see my littlest cousin, Will. He's about 5 months old, and is quite cute for a Red Sox fan:



I think he looks just like his mom:


But is going to have the personality of his dad:


More people I am thankful for, my mom & brother:


And my nana:


My cousin Roz, a newcomer to Thanksgiving in NC:


And my Aunt Lori, who made the most fantastic meal, as per usual:


Speaking of the meal, my plate looked waaaay too good not to shoot. This is much like what my lunch will look like tomorrow:


After dinner, we played some Michigan Rummy. My family likes pretty much any game you can play with cards and spare change:


I hope everyone out there had a great day and spent a little time to count their blessings today. I know I can't even count that high :)