Earlier this week, I went over to Erynn & Patrick's home to photograph them featuring Erynn's 9 month pregnant belly. She's due to give birth the day after Christmas, so I wanted to make sure we got this shoot in this month in case her her little one comes early!

These guys were married last year but had been dating for like, 7 or 8 years so by the time the wedding came around, they were ready to start the next phase of their lives--building their family! Erynn & Patrick are so excited for this baby. It's the first grandbaby on both sides, you should see the wardrobe already in place.

Anyway, Erynn, never one to be typical, didn't want to do the standard "nude pregnant woman by the window" shots, so it was a fun day to play around and be creative!

I would like to start out with this image, a bit of foreshadowing if you will:


However, we really should start at the start. The baby is a boy! His name is Will:


Since Erynn said she was up for whatever, I told her to jump in the crib to try it out. It's quite comfortable and very stable!:


One of my favorite parts of the shoot was getting to capture the relationship between Erynn and Patrick:


Erynn taking care of her first baby:


They have a pretty new house and it's not totally done yet (although the baby's room looks like she hired a decorator), and I lucked out finding this huge blank wall!


When I go to someone's house to shoot at I never quite know what I will be walking into, so over the course of conversation, I try to incorporate things that are important into the shoot. Erynn mentioned that she hadn't purchased a dining room set yet because Patrick has poker nights at their house. Being a poker player myself, I suggested that they should break out the table!



I really wanted to shoot something stereotypically kitchy, since I had the opportunity. This is probably my favorite shot:


While we were setting up this shot...


...the baby kicked off a letter for an ironically appropriate shot!


To answer the question of this post...YES, pregnancy is sexy!


I love this series:



I decided to decorate Erynn & Patrick:


The best Christmas gift they will get this year:


I can't wait to shoot photos of the baby when he comes! From the sonogram, I'm guessing he will look just like Patrick. We'll have to wait and see!