Tomorrow I leave California for Thanksgiving break! I am flying into NYC to spend some time with my dad and hit up my cousin's wedding in Connecticut. It should be interesting to say the least because I haven't actually seen my cousin in like, 15 years.

Here's what I remember about Rachael:

1. She is exactly one year older than me

2. When scrunchies were popular (pretty much the last time I saw her), she had literally mountains of them and I had three. Yes, three. I was jealous. I am seriously overcompensating for it now, and bought her six of her wine glasses from her registry (no less than Tiffany's of course)

3. Rachael was an excellent Super Mario Brothers player

4. Rachael was very tall and pretty, and I thought she was the coolest person I ever knew

5. She is a better roller-skater than I am (at least, she was in 1985)

So the wedding will prove quite interesting! I am very curious to see her as a grown-up.

Monday, I have an engagement shoot with a gorgeous couple in NYC, then Tuesday I fly down to NC to visit with my mom and some of her peeps, including my cousin Steven who loves to be mentioned on this blog. Hi Steven! Maybe you can cook us some good stuff and not overcook the turkey!

In the next week, i will be blogging:

A very fun maternity shoot that raises the stakes for such things
My cousin's wedding
My travel reviews
My top 10 reasons why Thanksgiving should be a quarterly holiday

And several others! So stay tuned!

Question of the day: What is your favorite holiday and why?