Yesterday I shot some Christmas photos for one of my absolute favorite families, Kamee, Jaren, and Gunnar! We wanted to think of something really fun and different to do for their shoot, so where better to capture the joy of childhood than Disneyland? Having grown up in a place where there was no Disney close by, I found it fascinating that people actually have season passes there and go on a regular basis, since before I moved here I'd only been once in my whole life.

By the way, you should check out mom Kamee's Blog--she is a terrific writer and so much fun to follow! You will probably find an entry there later today regarding her take on the shoot.

In any case, let's use this post to determine whether or not Disney is, in fact, the happiest place on Earth. The secondary use of this post is to disprove the theory that all of my shoots are perfect with angelic children following my every command.

Fact: Gunnar was VERY excited when we got there, there was tons to see and do:


Fact: Kamee and Jaren are exceptionally good looking, so it is no surprise that their son is also quite gorgeous:



Fact: Kamee enjoys Disneyland and being a hawt model:


Fact: Kamee and Jaren indulge Gunnar's curiosity:



Fact: although we attempted several times to get a great family shot, the distractions of Disney proved too much for Gunnar and he was quite overwhelmed with options:


Myth: Rides are the only interesting part of the Disney experience. Gunnar has obviously been taught the merits of frequenting the shops (wonder where he got that from?)



Fact: The price of admission on Jaren's Flying Ride is two ice cream cones and several buckets of popcorn:


Fact: This is the only photo I got of Gunnar alone truly smiling and looking at me the whole shoot:


Fact: Gunnar threw about $5 worth of coins into the river below this overlook because it was worth it to keep him amused:


Fact: Kamee and Jaren had at least as much fun on Dumbo as Gunnar:


Fact: I made them ride the teacups three times. Once with me shooting from outside:


Once from inside with some blur:



And once in the same teacup with me:


Fact: Gunnar was primarily happy when getting to decide what we did next:


Fact: Most of the family shots look like this:


Fact: Gunnar liked to sulk when we decided that it was time to leave the shopping area:


Fact: Gunnar believes that if he refuses to walk, he will get his way:


Fact: Gunnar is adorable both happy and pissed off:


Therefore, I can reasonably come to the conclusion that Disneyland is a moderately happy place on earth :)