Yesterday, Becker and I took a ride out to John Mireles and Joe Photo's Rimrock Workshop. For those of you who don't know, Rimrock is an area of the California desert way out by Joshua Tree. It's actually not a bad drive at all out there, and once you are there, it looks like a completely different country! The landscape is totally desolate and it's very sparsely populated--a far cry from here in OC!

I mentioned this workshop on my blog a month or two ago when I found out about it, because it's a seminar that is really applicable to your work. There are a lot of seminars that will teach you various things, and a little bit of a lot of things, and this one will give you a variety too, but you are being taught things you can go out and apply right away, which to me is really valuable. Even if you're not one to use or bring lights on shoots (and I don't do much myself), it's so important to at least really understand light and how to use it.

Off camera lighting and lighting in harsh situations are things that most photographers have to deal with at one point or another on the job, and really, there's no better place to learn that than out in the desert! Plus, Joe and John are just plain fun to be around, so I knew that the seminar would be quite entertaining.

I just found out that they WILL be offering a second workshop out in Rimrock!!! If you would like to attend next time, go to the Rimrock Workshops Website and click register to send through a contact. They will write you back as soon as the second date is set in stone--rumor has it that it will be in May, a great time to come out here.

Before we headed up to hang with the class, Becker and I took a drive through the nearby Pioneer town and shot a few photos:


Look, I found a lock!


Just a slice of old fashioned Americana


I love this one. That's actually a birdhouse up there:


Joe had a couple of his clients there to model and they did such a great job:




Sometimes people ask how I get this particular effect--it is from the Boutwell's Totally Rad Actions and is Called Old Skool:



Joe Photo is such a personality! He's so much fun to be around, and is very fashionable. He also disproves the theory that white men can't jump:


Sometimes he likes to climb big rocks and play "statue":


John Mireles is also quite a character! Many people would describe him as a piece of work, which he likely takes as a compliment. I personally love his sarcasm and wit and think he's hilarious. Besides being an absolutely fantastic photographer, he must be very very smart to have married my good friend Jen Dery:


A little brokeback moment--how sweet!


Check out this video from Julie of Elysium, my favorite videographer. Don't forget to watch till the very end, it is HILARIOUS!: