Yesterday I started item # 11 on my 101 in 1001: Blog every day for a month. So from November 3-December 3, I am going to attempt to blog every day!

This weekend I am in Delaware for my friend Laura Novak "surprise" bridal shower. I say "surprise" because despite a lot of planning on the part of the bridesmaids (of which I am one), with Jen Dery and I flying in from California, unless we wanted to cough up the $$ for a hotel and rental car, we had to tell her we were coming and needed a place to stay. So in any case, I arrived here late Friday night and we've been having a great time all over town ever since!

This morning, to get Laura out of the house while some of the other girls set up the place for the guests coming, Laura, Jen, and I shot an engagement session for Becca, Laura's associate photographer, and her fiancee Ben. Becca & Ben were great sports about having all three of us shooting them, and it probably helped that Becca is a photographer and understood what we were doing.

Here's a few shots I stole of them:


I noticed that the light here is a lot more blue, it seemed to fit the mood of the season, which is colder and crisp:



Ben and Becca are so great together! They have such an easy, natural way about them and were a real pleasure to shoot:


I told them to throw leaves at each other, but I liked the photo of Laura throwing leaves better!



My favorite:


I did snag a couple photos of Laura & Jen goofing around:


Becca shot this one of the three of us:


A bunch of the bridesmaids with Laura. From Left: Jen, Kristy, Laura, Jamie, Tracy, and yours truly:


Laura, among a big pile of gifts:


Laughing, as usual:


I have had a blast hanging out on the East coast this week, but I'll be glad to return home where it's warm tomorrow! Stay tuned for my take on Laura's wedding in February when I return to Delaware!