Last week, Alice and Chris were married in San Diego at beautiful Balboa Park with a reception following at the Prado. They got married in just the nick of time, because less than a day or two later, the entire area was surrounded by the terrible fires that have basically ravaged the whole So. Cal area. With a little less luck, we would have all been wearing surgical masks to the wedding!

That might have actually been apropos though, because pretty much everyone at the wedding is a doctor. Someone at my table commented that if I was going to get sick at any point, this wedding was probably the place to do it, with pretty much every specialty represented!

Alice and Chris are such a sweet couple and a pleasure to work with all the way. Two interesting facts about them: 1. Chris and Alice have been dating for just under 10 years now! Sometimes it just takes that long for everything to align the right way, but I'm sure they would both agree that it was worth the long wait. 2. Alice and Chris have the same last name! Isn't that nice that Alice can avoid all that paperwork?

In any case, it could not have been a more beautiful day. The sun was shining, everyone looked gorgeous, and it really was a celebration of a relationship, not just a formality. A few favorites from me:


Isn't the architecture cool? You can see the boys hanging out in the back if you look closely:


I LOVED Alice's girls' bouquets:


And you really can't beat orange Calla's:


The bride:


The groom:


Ladies (in) waiting:


About to walk down the aisle:


The ceremony:


Married at last!


I noticed this one going through the photos and love it!


They are so sweet together:


We headed over to the Prado after the ceremony. There is all kinds of interesting stuff there:




Love this one:


The room where the reception was held is really cool. Again, great architecture:


Just a great moment


Check out Braedon looking all steely! Don't worry though, he's just pretending! He's actually always smiling at weddings. You can see a few more shots on Braedon's Blog