Hey Clients, friends of clients, etc.! It is that time of year--to order photos for holiday gifts, cards, etc. All events from this year are reposted as of today for ordering photos at 10% off for the month of November. Don't stress yourself out waiting till the 11th hour--order ASAP!

All clients who have had a wedding shot by me in the last month will have their photos up online to choose from by the end of the weekend (this includes engagement, family, and wedding clients) and you will receive the email about ordering at that time.

If you are a family member or friend of any client and want to order photos for yourself or as gifts, or order cards, you are more than welcome! Just go to the client page:

LISTING OF GALLERIES and find the event. If you need the password, you can ask the client or Email me.

In other news, I am loving having Leopard installed! Check out my snazzy new custom HTML email form that I hacked into Apple's mail templates to make. Leopard and Apple give you a bunch of stationary HTML to choose from but you can customize your own if you are very very patient and work it out for awhile: