The other day, I did a family shoot in Laguna Beach for a great little family. They hold the record for people coming from the farthest to shoot with me, Nikki, Graham and Jack are from Scotland! Okay, so maybe they had a few other things to do in the states, but hopefully our session was a fun piece of their trip.

Nikki is actually a photographer herself (check out her site RIGHT HERE, and it's always flattering when a photographer hires you to shoot anything for them. It means that they really know what they are looking for and chose YOU to capture that, which is a really big honor.

We walked around and just let Jack explore the area. He's so darn cute that pretty much every spot was a good one! See a few faves below:


Look at that rad hair!


Jack was so photogenic, he had lots of expressions:



My favorite:


I've been wanting to shoot in this area for awhile now:


He'd had a bunch of sweets and was about finished with me:


With dad:


Thanks for hanging out with me and shooting with me guys, I had a great time!