The day after I shot Thea & Nilsson's engagement photos, I headed to a completely different part of the city for a session with Monika and Nicholas. As you'll see, these were two quite different shoots! I absolutely love that I was able to shoot with two cool couples and do shoots in different parts of NYC that reflected each couples' personality and lifestyle.

I met up with Monika & Nicholas in the morning and we walked around their neighborhood, which is very cool and funky. We stopped a bunch of places along the way including the coffee shop where they hang out, the shopping areas I'm a big fan of myself, and even a bar where they had their second date!

I wanted to portray a different feel to this shoot, so some of the images are processed with some textures--hope you like them! This is also a long post because we went SO many places. I was actually having this shoot filmed for some shootsac promo stuff, since Monika and NIcholas were kind enough to indulge me!


Just goofing around:


Doma is the coffee shop where they hang out:


I think this should be their Christmas card:


I love the colors in this one, and also the suns:


Might be my favorite:


These guys are working on their moves for their wedding in May!


I do love the energy in these two also:


There are so many great scenes and spots to shoot in NYC. There is NOTHING like this in Orange County!


Despite their reputation, New Yorkers are mostly very friendly and willing to let us do whatever we want:


This cab was stopped at a red light. Neither the cabbie or the passenger looked fazed a bit when they did this:


The best part of the shoot was this green wall. It's actually in the Kate Spade store. Can you believe they let us in here??


We made the most of it:



There were two girls walking these dogs, aren't they adorable? We were warned that they were VERY strong:


We did a few more naughty photos:



I love this one as well:


This was taken in the bar where they had their second date. Monika told me that while they were having dinner, some other woman came up to Nicholas and dropped a napkin by his side of the table. She kept asking him what it said, thinking that the woman had slipped him her number. When he finally told her, it said something like "You two are the most adorable couple ever and if you're not already married you should be".

She was right! Can't wait for May :)