Well, tomorrow is the big day for SHOOTSAC here in NYC! Come and see us at the Javits Center, I will be there all day tomorrow. I will be very sad if nobody comes, so please do stop by and visit.

Besides the big convention, I had another reason for coming to NYC--two engagement sessions! First up was Thea & Nilsson which I shot yesterday. I am particularly looking forward to their wedding because it is in Oklahoma City next year, and that's a place I haven't gotten to shoot a wedding yet! I love that I have a job that makes it possible for me to see and do things in places I wouldn't go otherwise.

Yesterday, the three of us decided to shoot in the Times Square and Central Park areas, which were significant to the couple because they live right near there! We walked all over the area shooting different little scenes, and I had such a blast getting to shoot in a new place with so much fun and color and things to see. Here's a few favorites:


I love this one. Nilsson says that traffic does sum up NYC well:


my favorite:


I love the whole feeling of this one:


Fun color! I am so glad Thea and Nilsson were up for pretty much anything and were willing to sit on this grimy spot for this shot:


A quick change and some shooting around the neighborhood:


A nice portrait:


We decided to hit up Central Park for a few:


Occasionally I will ask people if they can do any tricks to see what they will come up with. I can't believe that Thea can do this!!


I love this shot. This Central Park carousel was really creepy and goes much faster than seems normal. I would skip taking the kids here but it did make for some great shots!


Back to Times Square around twilight--I love all the twinkling lights in the background:


Last one!

Thanks for an awesome shoot guys, and can't wait till Thea's bridal session in LA!