Most of my friends, clients, and family members will tell you that I have a thing for shoes. I've often said that you can judge a wedding by the bride's shoes because the shoes say so much about who a bride is. Is she low maintenance? Is she glam? Is she funky? Is she trendy? Often, I can figure these things out just by looking at the shoes!

Let's face it, lots of brides spend six months picking out shoes that most people will never even see. I want to pay tribute to that in this post: here are some of my favorite shoes from the past couple of years. Vote in the comments for the one you like best--the client whose shoes get the most votes by Friday, October 12 will win a 12X18 print from EITHER their own wedding or my art site, Jessica Claire Art dot com.

I will also choose one random commenter who will also win a 12X18 print from my art site.

Vote away! (clients, please don't be mad if your shoes aren't here--i chose quickly and just pulled a few that stuck out in my head!)

Contestant #1


Contestant #2


Contestant #3


Contestant #4


Contestant #5


Contestant #6


Contestant #7


Contestant #8


Contestant #9


Contestant #10