Whew, am I ever glad to be back home in one piece! As you all know, I've been traveling for the past little while straight through for back to back weddings, which sounds kind of glamorous but in reality is very hard work, a little stressful with the flights and hotels, and exhausting to be in all those different time zones in one week!

You've already seen Andrea & Tate's wedding and Cortnie & Andrew's wedding, but I actually had one other wedding between the two, Tawnya and Andrew in Lake Las Vegas, which I didn't have a chance to blog since I left for Greece the next day!

First of all, I have to thank four people. The first two are, obviously, Tawnya and Andrew for their patience waiting for this blog post. These are two of the nicest, most easygoing, sweet people I've ever met. Every second of their wedding was awesome to shoot because being around people like this just makes you want to do a great job because they don't deserve anything less than the best.

The above statement is so true that I had to call in the big guns for this wedding. Since I knew that the traveling would be hard on me, and to back myself up in case of any travel emergency, I had two amazing friends of mine fly out to shoot this wedding with me. You may have heard of them, their names are DANE SANDERS and MIKE COLON. These are the two most awesome, great friends anyone could ask for.

Dane flew out on Saturday night to make sure that he was there in plenty of time for the wedding on Sunday afternoon. Dane is a very busy man--in addition to running his photography business and CUT FRAME TV, he's a great husband (so I hear), a father of 4, and spends his "spare" time guiding the spiritual lives of youths at Rock Harbor Church.

Mike is just as busy and then some! When we originally decided that he and Dane would come out for this wedding, Mike didn't have a wedding. However, while we were up in Canada, he started talks to shoot Usher's wedding that same Saturday! You really need to read the full story here. Mike is such a wonderful person that he shot that wedding (no pressure there!) then immediately jetted to Vegas at the crack of dawn to be there to help me out.

There's no way I could possibly thank those two people enough. Please please please, go sign up to check out CUT FRAME TV and go buy MIKE'S KICK ASS DVD--it's absolutely mind blowing. He also gives 3 day intensive workshops, which if you haven't been to one, are truly life-changing.

Anyway, about the wedding.

As you probably know, Las Vegas in late August/early September isn't a chilly place, but the day we had was peaceful and beautiful with crisp blue skies. Tawnya was probably the most relaxed bride ever. I love these shots of her getting her makeup done. Look at the make up artists' concentration:


She looks so serene:


Tawnya's eyes are definitely her best feature:




Andrew is so adorable!


Tawnya gave him a few gifts for the wedding, among them, a boudoir session album from me! I think he liked it:


Tawnya got a gift two:


Some bling!


One last look...


So beautiful!


I loved her vintage-y bouquet:


And the tons of hanging flower balls were to die for!


Right before heading to the ceremony. Isn't Lake Las Vegas cool looking?


Here we go!


I love this moment:


And this one:


A few portraits:



My favorite:


These were the tags for people to find their tables at the reception:


Cool, modern centerpieces:


Our crew! Look how nice Mike is, he loans his $5K lens to random passerby and trades for their lenses:


Dane taking a minute to let me hear part of the simple photo minute he taped:


What a bunch of slackers!


Dane giving Mike a little lesson:


I am so blessed to have couples and friends like this. Congratulations Tawnya & Andrew!