Yesterday, Braedon and I made the long, windy, rainy at times treck from Orange County to Big Bear. It would normally only be about 1.5 hours away, but it took about twice that because half of the mountain is (was) on fire this past week so we had to take an alternate route up!

Fortunately, the fires stayed away from where Kristin and Justin had planned their wedding. Also fortunately, as we headed up the mountain, the weather cleared, leaving us with this beautiful crisp day, exactly the kind of day you think of when you picture a little wedding up in the mountains!

I decided to do a slideshow of this wedding because I just loved the song that everyone walked down to. I swear, there was not a dry eye at the place! Kristin and Justin are such a sweet couple that stayed true to who they are with everything they did for this wedding. It was so fresh and real and simple, and I hope that I was able to convey that with this show. So here we go!

--By the way for those of you that don't like the slideshows--click the "gallery view" button in the lower right then click on the first photo. Then you can just click the right hand side of each photo to view them individually without scrolling down. Isn't that cool??!!

The flowers were awesome! Justin's mom is a florist and she decked out everything in autumn hues of yellow and brown:


The site--Justin actually built the arch they stood under himself:


Kristin was a gorgeous bride:


Justin is just so cute and great about being photographed:


He rocked the Ed Hardy shoes:


Walking down the aisle:


I love this one of Kristin & her dad:






It was such a gorgeous day. Although it looked cloudy earlier, we had the light when we needed it:


They are total troopers!



Congratulations Kristin & Justin!