I'm still working on my blog post of all the beautiful locks, doorways, windows, and scenes from Greece that I should be posting late tonight, but I thought I'd show you the one item I purchased while in Greece.

There are TONS of jewelry shops in Santorini and also in Mykonos, where we spent two days relaxing after the wedding, but I've never been a huge fan of jewelry. I am, however, a huge fan of things that are interesting and unique that nobody else will have--it's a part of my personality that overlaps many areas.

That's the reason I don't buy regular souvenirs--they're just too typical!

So, I found this one little shop on Mykonos that had something that I really felt was cool and original. There is apparently an artist who uses the art of ceramic tile to make these beautiful miniature ceramic tile mosaic rings. He does this under a huge magnifying glass painstakingly one tile at a time, embedding and painting each one. The piece is then finished by a metal smith who binds it into a ring (or necklace).

I think it's a tiny piece of art and the coolest ring I've ever seen! I can't stop looking at it. Yes, I know that there are boobs on it, it adds to the appeal. By the way, Becker shot this photo of the ring while I was busy trying on the one other item I did buy over there (more on this in a future post):