I am up in Kelowna, Canada for Gary and Missy's wedding! This place couldn't be more beautiful, and I am having a blast! It's just like Vegas, except that I am not drinking as much and it is more fun because I don't have to get up early to go work at the shootsac booth and I already know everyone here so I don't have to introduce myself all the time.

Also, my friend Jen Bebb is here to shoot with me, which I couldn't be more excited about!

Yesterday most people had already arrived so we all spent the day up at the ranch hanging out, eating, swimming, and having a good time. I didn't shoot much yesterday, but I did snag a few photos here and there:

The ranch--it is even more gorgeous in person. You wouldn't believe this place. I can see why anyone who comes here never wants to leave!



Melissa, looking gorgeous, she is going to be one hot bride today!


with Jess Strickland amazing photographer and all-around fun person to hang out with!


Jess and Lauren Chapman, equally fun and awesome (you'll be able to see more photos of Lauren as the new shootsac poster model soon)


Joe Buissink, here to officiate the wedding, with his son:


David Jay, looking like an ad for some singles resort like club med:


The Becksteads, wtih their gorgeous daughter Asia:


Julie Colon, and her son Logan:


One cool think that Gary and Missy did was have a masseuse on hand all day for anyone that wanted massages. Here's Mike Colon, peacefully enjoying a massage.


He probably should have been a little more careful! Look at what happens around here when you close your eyes for a second:

Can't wait to show you all photos from the wedding today! Wish me luck!