The other day I go to go up to LA to shoot with a couple of great kids and their mom. Jackson and Theo are little balls of energy, little boys through and through! One of the things I love about shooting children is their irreverence and lack of false expressions, and these boys were perfect subjects.

First, a shot of the kids with their mom:


I always make sure to shoot photos of each child individually to try to capture their own personality. Look at this gorgeous kid, Jackson:


He had a wide range of expressions:


Theo, the little guy was a bit dubious about the shoot at first:


But when he warmed up he was smiling the whole time:



I'm not sure whose idea it was to play at the pool, but Jackson knows no limits--he jumped in fully clothed, rockstar-style!


Then laughed at us when we told him to get out because really, we couldn't do anything without going in ourselves!


Theo was a bit more cautious but no less adorable:


After a quick costume change, we did manage to grab a few photos of the boys together:



If you're interested in having me shoot your children (in the photography sense of course), shoot me an email to