So this past week I've been out of the office because Tamar and Ken asked me to come to Boston to shoot their engagement session! Every now and then I will shoot engagment sessions for non-wedding clients, and when I can travel to a cool place that really represents the couple, all the better! Plus, they are good friends with Andrea and Tate, whose wedding I'll be shooting next weekend, so I had two good reasons to come to Boston. For the third reason, check out Becker's blog entry.

Tamar and Ken are a gorgeous, dynamic, Boston couple through and through. It was a no-brainer for them to have their engagement photos done there. We got to go several different places, and even shot a few photos in their beautiful home which is currently under renovation. So fun! Here's some faves:

This one was shot in what will eventually be the master bedroom:


And this one is in the future living room


Doesn't their street have beautiful light?


Tamar is going to be a stunning bride. I think Ken agrees!


Since we shot everything within a few blocks of their house, it was easy to do a clothing change. They asked what to change into, they wanted to do something a little more dressy. I said if they wanted to do dressy, to do it all the way!


love love love this one


Boston has all these beautiful old entrances to the homes:


this one just looks timeless to me:


It sure was a gorgeous East coast day:


From my favorite series of photos:


It's always good to have a nice portrait:


My favorite photo of the shoot:


Thanks so much for having me come shoot guys! Can't wait to see you next weekend.