Tonight I am prepping two weddings to blog and working away, so I thought I might try something different. I know how many of you there are out there because as you know, I am addicted to checking my blog stats. One thing I'm not so good about though, is responding to emails. It's not because I don't want to help, but I am quite scatterbrained and often put photographer questions aside to answer later that day and completely forget about them for months! So this is an official apology if you have ever emailed me and I haven't responded.

I am going to open up my blog for questions in this post only. In the comments section below, you can leave any question you want to ask me. Once a week from now on, I'm going to pick out a few comments/questions, and discuss them. The questions can be about ANYTHING, photography related or not! Want to know what my favorite color is? Want to know where I shop? Want to know my favorite lenses? Best wedding location? Favorite wedding? Ways to save money on your wedding? Ways to charm me? How to bother me? ASK AWAY BELOW! No question is too lame (although depending on how many I get, it may take awhile to get through them. I probabaly can't take them all but we'll do a few at a time)

Or if you just want to say hi and link to your own blog for me to check out, I may do a feature here and there. I can't wait to see what's on your minds, and we can all learn a little bit in the process!