Well, you know it's wedding season when I haven't had a chance to even blog the last wedding I shot! Don't worry, it's coming. Between the traveling, shooting and shootsac, my family vacation coming up next week, THREE WEEKS SOLID of traveling at the end of this month-beginning of september, hiring a new office manager, and other assorted life happenings, I feel like I've neglected my blog a bit and I can't even begin to know where to catch up!

I'm going to just try to take it one at a time.

The other day, I took a ride up to LA for a couple of shoots, but my favorite subject is my little cousin Philip. He is crawling around really well now and is just so adorable! He always has a smile on his face, he's just the most adorable happy baby. Check out how the little guy gets around:


I love this face!


If you are interested in having me come and shoot your child or children (in the photography sense, of course), send me an email to info@jcsphoto.com. Sessions are $650.