I just returned from the Anti-Workshop with the Boutwells and the Coopers in Seattle, and the whole experience just blew my mind! These people are amazing speakers, unbelievably talented, and so organized. I have some experiece with seminars and the logistics of planning them, and I can tell you--it is not easy. These people pulled it off flawlessly.

I was actually one of the models for the shoot yesterday, so that means I wasn't taking photos! Once I get a few back from the group, I'll post them up.

If you ever get a chance, hit up the next ANTI WORKSHOP you can!

I do want to talk for a minute about an amazing experience within the seminar experience that I had the first night. It had been a long day of traveling and learning, and Jasmine and I had been planning to just lay low, when Jesh showed up at our door with a pint of cooke dough ice-cream and and invitation to go play instead. So off we went, pajamas already on, up to the roof of the parking deck next door.

Me, Jasmine, Fred Egan, Shyla, Marisa, and Jesh sat there with the ice cream talking about philosophy, love, art,, and religion as if it was just another night.

But it wasn't.

After our conversaion had ended and the ice cream had been drained, I found myself still thinking about the things we had talked about and how they related to my life. Of of the things Jesh said about love was that it's not a thing you have, it's a process of taking away--removing all walls between you and another person until there's no space left between you. I found that hauntingly beautiful and so perfectly expressive of my own thoughts on the subject.

I was also think about friendship and the people who were there that night, and I just want to say a couple things about each of them:

Marisa is a total inspiration to me. The way she is so passionate and diligent about taking good care of herself and prioritizes that in her life is something I've struggled with for a long time. She makes time every day to do things that make her happy, and she's looking unbelievable to show for it!

Jasmine is someone who is loved by everyone who meets her. She's hands down the most compassionate, kind hearted person I know, and a truly beautiful person inside and out. Jasmine is just one of those rare people who has everything but takes nothing for granted. She is constantly rewarded for the kindness she gives out to others.

Shyla is ever-optimistic--I don't think I've ever seen the girl get down about herself or anyone else for longer than half a second. Shyla is always amazed at the world around her and finds beauty and goodness in everything. She will do anything asked of her if it will help someone else, and is completely unselfish with her time and affection.

Fred is just the nicest guy! He's a little bit guarded with the things he cares most about, preferring to share those things with those he is closest to, and as a result, those people feel even more special. Fred is a person who really "gets it" and is constantly making connections and friends everywhere he goes.

Jesh seems like such a mysterious person with this crazy talent and his deep philosophy, and he is, but he's so open and straightforward with who he is that you can't help but know that you are looking at a really unique, special person. Jesh has the ability to connect with many people on a very deep level, and spends his time in conversation, peeling away the layers that close people in to see who they really are. He's a person with a gift you only come across once in a lifetime, and come away changed because of it.

He's actually going to be doing some teaching about his philosophies and photographs coming up! I believe his next one is teamed up with the super talented Jose Villa. If you can go to this workship to see Jose and talk to Jesh, even for a day, DO IT RIGHT AWAY. Click Jose's link above.

Anway, thank you guys for being my friends! Everyone reading this should click their names above and bookmark their blogs so you will see that they are just as awesome as I think they are. Marisa shot these photos and I stole them from Jasmine's blog: