One of the most asked questions about the Shootsac is, "are they just for girls", and I want to say it loud and clear--NO! Now, I'll admit that it's a little bit tougher for a guy to be able to put on something traditionally resembling a purse, but for all the guys out there laughing at me and stating they'd never wear it--you should give it a shot! First of all, it's not a purse--it's a piece of camera equipment designed to look as sharp as you do on the wedding day. Just because you're a photographer doesn't mean you have to look like one, a little style never hurt anyone!

I know we've spent a lot of time developing a concept that would be attractive to women, but we also worked really hard to have a basic bag that men could love and wear also.

I got the boys of superstar design firm RED DOOR (who did the shootsac logo, the [ b ] logo, and countless others) to show off their shootsacs to prove that yes, a shootsac can be manly.

First, our subjects. This is Tim:


This is Erik:


The bag:





If you don't have an amazing, off the hook logo, identity and branding package set up, you should check out REDDOOR. They're expensive so don't get sticker shocked, but worth every penny. really.

Ladies, don't feel left out--check out this first ever sneak peek of one of the BRAND NEW shootsac covers I got for you on my recent trip back to North Carolina: