A few days ago, I shot some engagement photos for Gary and Melissa, who will be getting married this summer up in Canada! If you are a photographer, unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 or 15 years, you know who Gary Fong is. There are so many things I could call Gary--a photographer, an inventer, an innovator, a real estate mogul, etc. I could go on and on. Gary is a really really smart person, and a person who keeps pushing the boundaries of the industry as a marketplace further with every step he takes and that is something I really look up to and admire!

Melissa and Gary met at one of Gary's seminars--apparently Melissa was not nearly as impressed with him as I have been (at least not at first). From what I have found out, Melissa was the girl who could really care less who Gary was or what he did, until she really started to get to know him as a person. They built their relationship slowly, from the ground up, talking all the time and getting to know one another until they realized that being apart was just no longer an option!

This couple has the most fun, silly dynamic between them! The have the same sense of humor, which means that they are constantly (and in Gary's case, extremely loudly!) laughing at each other and at whatever comes their way. I think it is this quality that will keep them together forever--nothing will ever be too difficult or too awful to find some humor and get through it.

It is totally flattering (and nervewracking) when other photographers ask me to photograph them! We had a great time though, and I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding.

Thanks so much for this shoot guys! Here's some faves:




sometimes they like to pose like robots


lots of silly faces!




I made Gary do this about 20 times even though I got the shot on the first try :)






By the way, isn't Melissa going to be a stunning bride?!


Thanks again guys and see you soon!!