I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! As you can see in my last post, my friend from high school came into town for a visit. She's also running the marathon down in San Diego this coming weekend, but she decided to come into town early and relax for a bit befor the big run.

I'm so sorry to everyone who wanted to hook up in San Francisco, we were really only there for one day!

So we flew up super early on a last minute flight (I found a great new last minute flight search engine called Site 59 where you can book travel within two weeks of leaving), and decided to head into town and then up to Napa Valley for some wine tastings!

Beth, ever the tourist, just had to go check out the area where the Full House theme song was filmed:


We all jumped in for a quick photo:


We stopped by a little town where there are quite some odd people down by the water! There's a guy who does nothing all day but build these rock sculptures:


The fog in SF is insane! This is just a shot from the car, but check out the massive fog rolling in:


I've never been to a winery and gone to a real wine tasting, so this was fun for me! One of the wineries we visited is Rombauer, which I knew because of their awesome chardonnay. I'm really not into wine, I'll take a white russian or appletini any day, but the Rombauer chardonnay is delicious and it was cool to actually see where it's made.


Last but not least, we checked out the Sterling Vineyard, which is cool because you take a gondola ride up the hills to the actual winery. Because it was Memorial Day, it was well over an hour wait, but worth the time, it was really neat! Some wine barrels:


One quick portrait on the line:


It was so much fun to see Beth, Lisa, and Dennis. Lisa & Dennis--thanks so much for letting us stay with you! Beth, see you soon :) Let's all wish her good luck at the marathon! Hopefully I will have some photos from that up next weekend when she runs: