Yesterday I went up to LA to shoot Lauren's bridal portraits. Lauren is from Oklahoma City and was out here with her fiancee Scott a couple of months ago to do their engagement photos, so I was pleasantly surprised when she decided to come on out to do her bridals as well! Now, I know that here in California nobody does bridal portraits--it is for sure a Southern/East Coast thing, but I would love to encourage brides to try it! In the South, often a large portrait of the bride from this session is ordered and displayed at the reception, but it doesn't have to be that way! It can be just a cool session of you in your dress, done before the wedding, to get some great shots of you that there may not be time for on the big day. Plus, it's a good opportunity to try out some hair and makeup, and practice moving around and feeling comfortable in your dress.

Now, a few words about Lauren. I was looking forward to Lauren's wedding anyway if for no other reason than it's a destination wedding on a Tuesday in June in Maui, tons of good things right there! Then, when I had the chance to meet and work with her and Scott, I found them to be so natural, funny, adorable, really really good looking, kind, smart, blah blah, I could go on here, but I have to save something for their wedding, right? In any case, I don't know anyone like Lauren. Despite the fact that she is certainly the girl that has it all in every way you can imagine, she is also so down to earth, fun, and unbelievably sweet. I hope that I was able to capture some different parts of her personality in these photos. And I also hope we didn't freak her mom out too much once we went downtown! :)

I can show these to you because she made Scott swear (and probably threatened him within an inch of his life) that he wouldn't be checking this blog before the wedding.

We started off yesterday at the beautiful Hotel Bel-Air where we roamed the grounds looking for one beautiful spot after another. By the way, Lauren's gorgeous bouquet is by the awesome R. Jack Balthazar, and makeup is by Renee Perlman.

I used some Totally Rad Actions on this one:


This is my FAVORITE bridal. I just love everything about it!


Nice backlighting


Down by the pool



This one was in the Grace Kelly Suite, where it was all set up for an event later that day:


After we'd had enough of shooting at the hotel, we headed down to Westwood to shoot some more! As soon as we got there, Lauren was ready to let loose and run around looking for some more funky or cool spots to shoot.



This store was nice enough to let us use the store window


Inside the store




I just love the color here--it's a good thing you can't smell photos though, because I will say this--that was one stinky alley way!


Another urban favorite


Well, I'll say we gave that dress a workout. It's a little dirty but it's going to have a nice, comfy ride by itself back to Oklahoma City where it's scheduled for a week or two at the spa to get back into tip-top shape for the wedding.

One last shot of Lauren:


See you all in Maui next month!