This is going to be a very exciting couple of weeks! First of all, the bags are in their final phase of production so that means that everyone who pre-ordered in Vegas will be getting their bag shipped to them right around May 15th.

Second, we are getting ready and gearing up for the big SHOOTSAC WEBSITE launch! With any luck, the site will be alive and kicking right around May 15th if not sooner, so make sure you go on over to the website by cliicking the link above and getting added to the mailing list. When the site goes live, there will be a special site launch promo, but I need to know who you are to be able to send it to you!

Third, Shootsac is growing up and getting its OWN BLOG! Go ahead and bookmark the new blog site now, **SHOOTSAC BLOG DOT COM**. This new blog is launching within the week and will be the go-to place for shootsac updates and information, features on photographers using their shootsacs, photography tips and tricks, and other photo-related resources for pros and amateurs.

The new blog is going to be the most hip, trendy place on the internet for pros and amateurs alike to check out what's hot (and what's not) in the photography community!

In the meantime, check out this photo I snagged of Chenin last week at the St. Regis:


Shootsac Covers are good for more than just your bag!


Here's one that Fred shot of me at Jane & Jean's wedding last Saturday:


This next week coming up is going to be awesome! I will be in Chicago to do a Shootsac booth at Partnercon, then going directly from there back home to North Carolina--it has been too long!