Yesterday, a bunch of us went down to San Diego for a hot air balloon ride in honor of Alex Hill's birthday! Julie, Alex's wife planned the whole thing as a suprise and got us all together for this super fun night. Julie and Alex are the owners of Elysium Productions, the absolute best videographers here in So. Cal.

I wasn't nervous at all before heading down, but I did start to have my doubts when the basket we were going up in showed up on the back of this van:


Julie brought tons of champagne, Chenin did the honors of cracking open the first bottle


One of the coolest things was that we actually got to go inside the balloon as it was getting blown up, it was so weird and fun! Those things are a LOT bigger than they look in photos. Here's Vic Sizemore chasing down Alex for some photos:


Me & Jim Kennedy hanging out in the balloon:


Vic and his awesome wife Rachel before we took off--so cute!


Off we go! We had some amazing views of San Diego:


Look! Another balloon!


The delightful Boutwells:


One of my favorite parts was getting to fly over the incredible homes in the area. Check this one out--the balloon pilot said it's 65,000 square feet! We actually flew down really close to it but I was so facinated at the details of it that I forgot to shoot it when we were closer:


Julie, thanks for putting this together and Alex, Happy Birthday!