An excerpt from an email I received from Lauren last week when discussing her engagement session:

"Our main request though is we'd like to get dressed up, then get insanely wet and sandy. Oh, and I volunteer Adam to take his shirt off at some point."

With that said, I would like to submit the following photo for your review, because at Jessica Claire Photography, we aim to please:


But I digress.

Lauren and Adam are the lucky couple getting married this July on the most popular date of the year, 07/07/07! They deserve it though--after a good six years + together, they had the time to pick any date they wanted. They also had the opportunity to pick any photographer they wanted, so I am very flattered to be working with this amazing couple.

Lauren and Adam have a very rare connection. They click with each other in such a fun way, they are just a pleasure to be around and to photograph! Adam had Lauren laughing the entire time, and they are super natural with each other. Despite Lauren's email, we started off dry:


However, the quickly moved on to the good stuff!




Then we decided to move a little closer to the water...



I knew then that it was time to go for it! It was a beautiful if a bit cool day down in Laguna Beach, but they had no problem embracing the chilly water immediately.



Once they were all drenched and sandy, they were also up for some sexy photos


And what session would be complete without a full sand corndog?



Lauren and Adam were great sports! Thanks so much guys!