Is anyone out there a self-proclaimed BLOG STALKER? My friend Liana did a great post on her blog last year defining the term and letting people confess to their stalking. I think this is a great idea!

While I was in Vegas, I can't even tell you how many people came up to me at the Shootsac booth or just around town and introduced themselves to me, adding in an embarrassed voice with downcast eyes "I check your blog all the time". There is nothign to be ashamed of! It's a good thing someone out there is reading this blog, otherwise it'd be pretty sad to invest so much time in it!

I'll go first. I'm a regular stalker of the following blogs:

1. Becker Although I usually know most of what is going on with Becker because I'm around him so much, I can't help but check his blog every day. I love hearing the way he talks about things going on in his life, plus I always need to find out if there are any unflattering photos of me posted about the internet. Also, you should definitely check his blog because he just completely redid it and it is, in his own words, " [ b ]itchin"!

2. The Superficial I love celebrity gossip. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, bring it on! I can't get enough of finding out what they're up to and I rely on the celebrity gossip websites to keep me updated on all happenings. I know, so so sick. That's why the link to this blog on my website is called "gossip". I just love it so much!

3. Gary Fong Gary Fong's blog is so interesting for me to read. I like his real estate predictions and believe he's totally accurate, can't read enough of his house renovations & new purchases, and learned most of what I know about getting people excited about products from reading this blog. Plus, I'm shooting Gary & Melissa's wedding in August and I keep looking for wedding updates! I feel the most stalker-ish when I read his blog because I don't see him very often and yet I know what he's up to. Isn't that creepy?

4. Jesh De Rox People always ask me who will shoot my wedding someday and I've always said I didn't know. Well, I think I now know--I hope it will be Jesh De Rox. He's phenomenally talented, introspective, groundbreaking, and incredibly nice. When he introduced himself to me in Vegas, I was like, whoa. Jesh is seriously awesome and I am a blog stalker of his blog as well.

So if you're out there stalking this blog right now, let me know! Don't be scared--leave a comment below and show yourself! If you're a first time commenter, long time reader, let me know! You'll feel cleansed and now you know--you are in good company :)

**Also leave the state or country you are stalking from in your comment--I've always thought it would be incredibly cool to have readers in every US state and abroad!**