Many of you know Dane Sanders who runs Simple Photo TV. Well, Dane has a new game in town, the Simple Photo Booth! I was somehow able to convince Dane to let me borrow the booth to keep at my shootsac booth, and then he brought it over to the L suite at hip hotelTHEhotel for some good times at the 7th Annual [ b ] party.

The coolest thing is that you're going to be allowed to buy an actual franchise of the booth if you want! You can offer it to clients, keep it at your house, whatever you want. Shoot Dane an email to for all the info.

We all had so much fun with this booth--I totallly want one at my house!

My shootsac got a lot of action! Mike Colon & Shootsac getting friendly


Nathan & Amber Holritz take Shootsac in for some Holritz lovin'


The Shootsac Flamingo also got some action!






And last but certainly not least, the Shootsac Team, Keats, me, and Marisa! Keats and Marisa rocked the booth in Vegas, and also a huge thanks to Tony Spencer who failed to get into the photo booth even once:


Check out this rad slideshow of a ton of images from the booth that Becker made!