I just can't wait anymore to show you photos of the actual shootsac! Yesterday, Becker was kind enough to shoot some images of me with the bag for our website which will be launching soon, and I love them so much I just had to post them up!

First of all, some information about Shootsac:

1. The shootsac is NOT designed to replace your rolling camera bag or whatever you use for all your equipment. It's strictly a tool for you to use while you're shooting to allow you the easiest, fastest, most protective access possible to the lenses you need immediately.

2. The bag is intentionally very simple and designed to be used with or wtihout the cover. Because the bag is made completely out of a stretchy protective material, your lenses are safe in there without the lenscaps or back caps. It isn't a fussy bag--there are three pockets in front for your lenses that you need to change on the fly(almost all lenses fit), and three pockets in the back you can use for more lenses, CF cards, batteries, phone, spare small camera body, water, etc. It's simple so it is easy to fold up and stick in your regular bag to travel with. That was very important to me!

3. The bag is AFFORDABLE (to me!!). If you buy one during the big Shootsac Debut in Vegas, there will definitely be a show special going on to make it worth it to buy one right away at the show!

4. There are tons of custom TRUE COLOR COVERS to choose from! What you're seeing here in this post and in the previous post isn't nearly all of them. In vegas, you'll be able to select from over 20 gorgeous fabrics (they are awesome, the photos don't even do them justice) that range in price from about $30-$80 depending on how snazzy and fancy you want to be!

With all that said....


I am loving this yellow polka dot!


Another fave of mine

But neither compare to my signature cover!! I love this soooo much


One cool thing about the shootsac is that when you're not shooting, it's just a cool bag! I'm going to be using it for a lot of different situations


A few covers. I love the lower right one for boys!


The plain bag with no cover. You know, the best part of this whole project for me is just being able to HAVE this bag finally! It's the best solution possible to being able to change lenses quickly, savely, and cool-ly I could imagine


Make sure you come see me in Vegas at the SHOOTSAC DEBUT LAUNCH PARTY at our booth in the Bally's registration room THIS Sunday from 2-5!! I will be there and I can't wait to meet you and show these to you in person.

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