Things are moving right along with SHOOTSAC and it's finally time to start working on the fun stuff for the big launch in Vegas at the end of the month! Click the link above to sign up for more info because it is coming very very soon.

On Wednesday, we got to work on the production of some video for the site and for some stuff going on at our booth in the registration room at WPPI.

In any case, my whole crew along with the couple headed out to get some shots, and Becker shot a little video of us walking around. You can see a *little* sneakpeek of what the prototype of the shootsac looks like (its only a rough prototype, the real bag is so beyond awesome I can't believe it! Check out the video--you may need to let it load first:

We filmed a ton of stuff that day. Our first stop was the incredible Katie Hurley's place to start checking out some color and fabric samples and some sketches of the bag:



One of the other things things we needed to film was me shooting a couple walking around the streets, so I enlisted the help of one of my fantastic couples getting married this year, Braedon & Lindsay. I chose Braedon and Lindsay for a couple of reasons:

1. They were able to drop everything on a moments notice and do this for me being amazingly good sports about everything!

2. They're just freakin' cute. Braedon has rockstar charm and looks, and Lindsay is adorable and graceful--I don't think its possible to get a bad shot of her!

3. Lindsay was willing to let me do all the styling from the hat to the dress to the shoes and makeup. I have a feeling she might look a bit different on the wedding day, but she was stunning nonetheless.

Check out the photos:




They are very good dancers!


We got kicked out of this store pretty quickly but I love this shot



My fave of the day



It was so much fun to shoot these guys that I kept telling our videographer, Vlad, to get out of my way! He kept sneaking in anyway :)




Lindsay has a great sassy look


I really could have posted every shot because these guys work it like you wouldn't believe. Thanks so so much for your help! Thanks also to everyone who was there to make this thing happen--I can't wait until I can blog the finished piece!

Also, a huge congratulations to Becker for kicking my ass in the Thirst Relief Mentor Auction. He raised like 6 times what I did, and he's worth every penny. Maybe someday I'll be able to live it down :)