I can't believe it is almost Vegas time again! I have so much to do that I can't even believe I have time to blog this entry, but I want to keep everyone updated on what's in store for the big SHOOTSAC launch!

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who has signed up for the mailing list on the site! If you haven't done that yet, get signed up right away for upcoming special launch offers only available to mailing list subscribers. You can sign up **by clicking here now**

In Vegas, we are NOT in the actual tradeshow--we're in the WPPI registration room. So when you go to pick up your tradeshow passes, go to WPPI classes, check out the print comp winners, and all that stuff going on at Bally's, that's where we're going to be! Here are the hours:


But don't worry--I'll send out an email by the end of the week.

BIG NEWS!! We will be having the big, crazy, shootsac launch on Sunday from 2-5 at our booth! Come on by for special offers, to hang out with me, to try on the bags and custom covers, and to check out the killer SIMPLE PHOTO BOOTH where you can get some awesome photos of yourself just for fun :) Thanks so much to Dane Sanders for hooking us up with the booth!

I'm sure you are all curious what the deal is with this bag, so you'll have to check back here all week. I hope that I will be able to post one new thing every day of little sneakpeeks and information for you :) For now, check out some of the fabrics we are using for the custom bag covers that you can swap out! The bag comes standard in a basic black/lime green, but you'll have the option to customize your own with one of our couture fabric choices:



don't worry boys, we didn't forget you



This is all so exciting!