Yesterday I shot a very special wedding for Corina & Joe. You probably remember these names because Corina and Joe were the grand prize winners of my free wedding photography contest. Thousands of you voted for this couple because of the unbelievably sweet letter Corina wrote in for her father, who was very very sick at the time. His dream was to be able to be at her wedding, and all of you who wrote in hoped that I would be able to capture some of Corina's last moments with her dad. You can **CLICK HERE** for their story (couple # 3).

I am very sad to have to tell you that Corina's dad wasn't able to make it until the wedding day. He passed on not to long ago, and it was a very sad and difficult loss for Corina, Joe, and Corina's family. Although Corina's dad was not in attendance at the wedding in body, he was certainly there in spirit, and kind words were said about him often. The wedding was anything but a sad day--it was a very joyful day for Corina and Joe, all their friends and family, and it was such a pleasure for me to have a small part in that!

What I saw:

I love to see a luminous, gorgeous bride like this when I show up!


Orange calla lilies are beautiful


Corina's sister had this beautiful necklace made for Corina to wear on the wedding day. It contains the ashes of her father and she kept him close to her heart all day



Corina is so stunning!


Joe and the couples' adorable daughter, Makena


Another of Corina


The ceremony





Makena decided that wedding time was naptime!


Pala Mesa is a gorgeous venue




They were good sports!



Marisa got some awesome shots of this crazy cake feeding, you can go here to get to her blog and website to check them out! marisa's pages



Corina & Joe, thank you so much for being a part of your wedding! Everyone out there should check out Corina's site, ***CLICK HERE FOR CORINA'S STORE***. She's a photographer herself, and has a whole store dedicated to selling digital scrapbooking supplies for all you scrappers out there.