Yesterday, Nick & Jennel made the long trip out here to Orange County to shoot some engagement photos with me! You might remember Nick & Jennel because they are two of my contest winners, **CLICK HERE** for their story (couple #2)! This is the first of the three winning couples that I've had a chance to actually shoot something with, and it made me so happy again that I decided to do this contest in the first place. Nick & Jennel are an amazing couple with such a great story. They also work so well together and it was an absolute pleasure to shoot with them. I can't wait for their wedding!

First we stopped by a petting zoo--Nick made friends with this very sweet llama:


Emu's are not so sweet--they'll grab the food right out of your hand, but they sure do have long, pretty eyelashes!


We shot around the area--we had some awesome light!







Thanks again for coming out, and I can't wait for the wedding!

**Blog readers, stay tuned, I'll be heading out to Corina & Joe's wedding this weekend with Marisa.**