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Linda & Joe’s Wedding at The Montage Laguna Beach

Tue. January 3, 2012   |   i do
Welcome to 2012! There's nothing I like better than to kick the year off with a beautiful wedding blog post--so here it is!
Linda & Joe were married at one of my favorite locations, The Montage Laguna Beach.  What I love about the Montage is that it creates an atmosphere from the second you walk in--even though it's not far from town, it feels like it's own little oasis where everything is beautiful and perfect!  

I'll tell you a story about Linda and Joe.

They were all set to go with a BIG wedding up in Northern California.  It was going to be an event to remember--tons of flowers, guests, cake, the whole deal!  But as weddings do, it became bigger and bigger and more and more stressful, and they just decided to...stop.  They wanted their wedding to be about the two of them, committing their lives together, not all the excess that comes along with a huge wedding.  So on a beautiful, breezy, sunny day, they exchanged their vows in the company of their closest family members and breathed a sigh of relief and joy at the new life they had decided to create together.

I love it.  It was a nice reminder of what, at the core of every wedding I photograph, the wedding is about.

Linda relaxed that morning in her suite in a cushy robe with just her mother and her two children hanging out:

Linda's son is such a character!  As Barney Stinson would say, he was all ready to Suit Up!

And suit up he did!

Linda wore the most gorgeous gown that her mother helped her secure:

Every bride should walk down the aisle in shoes this fabulous:

They just kind of make the outfit :)

Linda's daughter, a sweet, calming presence even at her young age, helped her mom with her jewelry:

A sweet moment with her little man:

Linda was a gorgeous bride!  Flowers by Square Root:

The view from the Montage:--you really can't beat that:

I LOVED this last little moment with Linda & her mom!

A few portraits:

And I was off to meet up with Joe!  Have you ever seen a happier, more relaxed groom?

And so handsome!

Joe with the kids--I love these photos:

Joe alone:

A simple but lovely place to get married:

Linda being given away by two people who will always be with her:

A sweet moment:

A moment during the ceremony I love:

Who am I kidding--there were tons of moments I could have picked:

Right after the ceremony--my favorite family photo of all time:

A champagne toast right after the ceremony:

Just because you have a small wedding doesn't mean you can't have beautiful portraits!

It just means you will be even more relaxed for them:

Another casual family photo:

I could have photographed these two all day!

Oh wait--i did!

Linda, you were stunning:

Of course if you get married at the Montage, you have to go down to the beach!

Linda and Joe have so much love between them--any of their photos could have filled this space:

They were so natural and easy together:

And it doesn't hurt to be this photogenic either!

A few in black and white--why not?!

Linda alone:

A couple more before it was time to head back up:

Linda's dinner dress:

And then they enjoyed a beautiful dinner with their family and lived happily ever after!
Isn't that a nice story to start off 2012?

More wedding stories (and other stories) coming to you soon :)

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